Monday, March 23, 2009

Class 6: March 22, 2009

This week, we read the book The Empty Pot, then the kids all had a chance to make their own pots and plant seeds. Thanks to all of the parents for keeping the mess under control! If you have a chance, plant your "newspaper pot" outdoors when the chance of frost has passed.

Please mark your calendars that the Easter Egg Hunt will be held next class, March 29 instead of April 5. We will continue with the Wedding theme on April 5. Also as a reminder, there is no class on April 12, class will resume on April 19.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Class 5: March 15, 2009

The kids are doing great with our new song Spring is Good. The boys sang with a lot of enthusiasm, especially during the "la la la la lal la" parts. Now if they only do that for the rest of the song! The theme of the week was "panda" and we read the book Watch Me Grow. The kids created a panda craft for their activity (see photo).

Class 4: March 8, 2009

Today we welcomed back Miss Georgia, but we were without Miss Jenny and Miss Lynne. Miss Lynne's daughter, Brittany, read Two of Everthing (ISBN 0-8075-8157-7) and the kids got to play ping pong for their activity. The Rabbits started Lesson 2 in their workbooks.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Class 3: March 1, 2009

For our third session, the kids continued their progress learning Spring is Good. We’ve now made it through the whole song! For culture, we read the book The Greatest Treasure. Everyone had a chance to try their hand with watercolor painting, and the results were fantastic! The Rabbits finished going through their Lesson 1 homework and turned in their “A” workbook. Miss Georgia has been gone the past couple of weeks, we miss her!

Class 2: February 22, 2009

In our second class, the theme was China. The kids started a new song for Spring called Spring is Good. We got to move the singing upstairs in the hallway, and the kids sounded great! For culture, we read We're From China and for our activity, we played Chinese-themed games. The Rabbits continued with their new workbooks checking homework from Lesson 1 - Learning Characters.

Class 1: February 15, 2009

Today was our first Spring session class. We spent the beginning of class registering the students, then reviewed songs we learned in 2008. For our culture class, we read My First Chinese New Year and I Don't Have Your Eyes. For our activity, we created a paper ox and finally we celebrated Chinese New Year with a dragon parade. The Rabbits started their new Zhongwen workbooks going through Lesson 1 - Learning Characters. The kids took home their “A” workbook for daily homework. If you would like to download the paper ox activity, click here.